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How Skills 242 Marketplace Works?

At Skills242 Marketplace, a Service Provider and a Service Seeker can be both a vendor or a buyer…

Are you a Service Provider?

List your business!

If you are a skilled professional and would like to have your business listed with us, simply click on the button below and proceed from there.

Contact Information!

Give details of the services you provide, along with the contact information that will be used by your potential clients to reach you when needing your services.

Service Seekers

Search for the services you need

First things first.

Who are you looking for? What type of job would you like to have done? Search for a skilled professional in the search box and proceed…

Select your favorite service provider

Once you have performed a search on the site, you will see a list of skilled professionals in the field you have specified. If you look closely, you will notice that they are rated based on job performance.

Get your job done

Contact the service provider you prefer to discuss the details of the job that you would like to have done. Confirm the cost, location and how long it will take for them to complete your project.

How It Works In Details!

A person first creates a personal account in Skills242 Marketplace and then can look for the service they require. There is an ‘Add Listing’ button where one can request a service and get a skilled person for the required work.

For instance, if anyone is looking for an electrician in their area, they can list a task and choose qualified people through the website.

Moreover, a person can also list any skills they have in Skills242 Marketplace and earn from it.
Service providers need to register their name, address and contact number with Skills242 Marketplace so that the service seeker can contact them and get the work done.

A service provider can offer a service on the request post and state their budget as well. Once the service provider registers, they cross check and verify all the information they have provided.

In addition, there is also an option of private texting whereby service providers and service seekers can directly communicate with each other.